The view from nowhere

Eleanor Caffrey's home
is today's country house hotel

Beech Hill House in Ardmore, outside Derry, was for many years, Thomas R.'s grandaugher, Eleanor's home. It belonged to Cyril Nicholson, Eleanor's husband. Today it is a hotel, and when I visited in November of 2004, I was given a great welcome by current owner/manager, Patsy Kane. The house, which I had only ever visited as a child is changed, certainly, but still contains the atmosphere which made it a place I loved to be in. The grounds of this welcoming hotel are a haven of peace even though the bustle of Derry city is so near. And the food is wonderful. Thank you Patsy!
Beech Hill House Hotel, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Beech Hill House. A hotel that feels like home.
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