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DUBLIN - 1850
Nicholas Caffrey had two sons, John and Nicholas James. By 1850 - according to Henry Shaw’s "New City Pictorial Directory", the Caffrey business was under the guidance of three of John Caffrey's five sons. According to the Directory, John Caffrey & Son, brewers, had offices in 1, John Street south, John had a property at 26, Ellis's Quay, Nicholas Richard, James and John had properties at 3, Ushers Quay and 16, Bridge Street, and Nicholas Richard and James had a house at 86, St. Stephen's Green. Quite a lot to show for 50 years’ work!
Of the other sons, Thomas and Richard, nothing is yet known.
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Bridge Street, Dublin.

A view of Bridge Street as it is today. Perhaps the pub on the left was the first to serve Caffrey's Stout!
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